Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY: Fun Summer Bangles

Hey everyone! To launch my new blog, I thought I'd demonstrate a fun and easy DIY for you guys for the summer time since summer clothing are in season everywhere. That also means lots of high waisted shorts, cute cropped tops, swimwear and short dresses for good times under the gnarly sun.

These bangles I'm about to show you are the perfect summer accessory to go with any outfit. They also look pretty damn good stacked up with other bracelets or on their own!

You'll need:
1) Some old bangles
2) Superglue (NOT in photo)
3) Embroidery thread in various colours
4) Some charms
5) Jump rings
6) Jewelry pliers
7) Scissors

You can purchase the embroidery thread from any fabric stores around you and they only cost RM1.50 per colour. SUPER INEXPENSIVE!

//STEP 1//
Glue down one end of the thread and start wrapping the thread around the bangle, making sure to cover the bangle fully. Do this until you've covered the entire bangle then glue down and snip off the excess thread.

//STEP 2//
Open a jump ring and insert a charm. Then loop the jump ring around the bangle and close the jump ring.

//STEP 3//
Insert more jump rings on the left and right of the previous charm. You can use however many you like to achieve your desired effect. You're done!!

These bangles are super easy and fun to make, especially with your girlfriends. If you ever attempt to make these, do let me know. ;)

Good luck and have fun! x

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