Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY: Woven Chain and Rope Necklace - Female Magazine

Hey guys! So, my DIY was featured in Female magazine for the month of September. I did two necklaces, but basically both uses the similar technique of wrapping embroidery thread around some rope.

Female also posted one of the two tutorials on their website!

Please please do check it out on their website and also in their magazine to learn how to make the Woven Rope Necklace! I had so much fun in their studio and also with this DIY. The possibilities are endless and you can recreate yours however you like, with different colours or even thinner/thicker ropes.

Stay tuned for the October issue of Female for another DIY! You wouldn't want to miss that one! HINT: Clear Vinyl

I'm sorry but the giveaway is now over and two lucky girls have already won these babies! Do try to make them yourself though. Good luck! ;)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Inspiration and How To: Arm Candy

Arm candy: Stacking up a blend of bracelets and bangles for that perfect pop and sparkle to your outfit. I mean .. why not? This is something that I personally love doing to complete any look that I have on for the day. Piling on accessories on your wrist seems pretty simple to do, but mixing and matching different accents may be a little tricky sometimes. Here are some of my tips!

Play up the different textures
A balance between hard metals and dainty colourful pieces give off a very edgy yet chic look to your outfit. Try putting on some colourful woven bracelets and some chunky industrial looking cuffs and look completely effortless.

Mix the metals
Don't be afraid to pair gold with silver, rose gold or any coloured metal of your choice. There are no rules when it comes to arm candy and if you feel it isn't standing out enough, add a bright pop of colour!

Start with a focal piece and work your way around
Feeling a little lost on how to stack your arm candy? Start by choosing a bold piece and then continue choosing other pieces you would like to match with the bolder piece.

Use a watch
Watches make great arm candy and makes it look really effortless. Working your way around your arm candy by putting on a watch first also makes it easier for you to pick out the other pieces, trust me!

If you have arm candy on one arm, try to keep it minimal on the other
You wouldn't want to look like an overkill and put on too much. So, try to draw all the attention to one arm instead of both! There is a difference between looking glam and a fashion catastrophe.

Hope you find these tips useful!
Much love!

** Photos are NOT mine and the credit goes back to the original owners of these photos

DIY: Tissue Roll Flower Mobile

If you know me, you would know that I'm a terrible terrible hoarder. I like to keep things 'just in case' I need them someday and sometimes I just like storing things because rediscovering my little collection gives me joy. Sounds pretty senseless but those who do hoard, you'll get my drill.

Over the past couple months, I've collected more than a dozen toilet paper rolls from around my home just in case I needed them for a DIY project someday .. and today is the day.

I've seen tons of Pinterest tutorials on re-purposing toilet paper rolls as wall decor but I wasn't very keen on covering my wall with any kinds of adhesive to keep the toilet paper rolls in place. Hence, I decided to make a little mobile that I could hang up instead.

1. Get as many toilet paper rolls you can find and cut each roll into 3 equal parts.
2. Glue 5 of the 'petals' together to form a flower then glue in place. To help secure the 'petals' during the drying process, I used bobby pins. You could also use paper clips.
3. Find a long piece of drift wood or a branch of a tree that you would like to use for your mobile. I then tied some twine on the branch.
4. Poke a hole through the top of the individual flowers and insert the other loose end of the twine through the hole, then make a tight knot.
5. Continue making holes through the flowers and then tying some twine in between them so that they hang down neatly. 
6. Make a loop and tie some twine in the middle of your branch so that you could hang your little mobile neatly on a hook. You're done!

I'm in the process of finishing my mobile but you get the idea! You could also spray paint your flowers in different colours if you wish but I really like the way these look naturally.

Have fun and good luck! ;)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY: Fun Summer Bangles

Hey everyone! To launch my new blog, I thought I'd demonstrate a fun and easy DIY for you guys for the summer time since summer clothing are in season everywhere. That also means lots of high waisted shorts, cute cropped tops, swimwear and short dresses for good times under the gnarly sun.

These bangles I'm about to show you are the perfect summer accessory to go with any outfit. They also look pretty damn good stacked up with other bracelets or on their own!

You'll need:
1) Some old bangles
2) Superglue (NOT in photo)
3) Embroidery thread in various colours
4) Some charms
5) Jump rings
6) Jewelry pliers
7) Scissors

You can purchase the embroidery thread from any fabric stores around you and they only cost RM1.50 per colour. SUPER INEXPENSIVE!

//STEP 1//
Glue down one end of the thread and start wrapping the thread around the bangle, making sure to cover the bangle fully. Do this until you've covered the entire bangle then glue down and snip off the excess thread.

//STEP 2//
Open a jump ring and insert a charm. Then loop the jump ring around the bangle and close the jump ring.

//STEP 3//
Insert more jump rings on the left and right of the previous charm. You can use however many you like to achieve your desired effect. You're done!!

These bangles are super easy and fun to make, especially with your girlfriends. If you ever attempt to make these, do let me know. ;)

Good luck and have fun! x