Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY: Woven Chain and Rope Necklace - Female Magazine

Hey guys! So, my DIY was featured in Female magazine for the month of September. I did two necklaces, but basically both uses the similar technique of wrapping embroidery thread around some rope.

Female also posted one of the two tutorials on their website!

Please please do check it out on their website and also in their magazine to learn how to make the Woven Rope Necklace! I had so much fun in their studio and also with this DIY. The possibilities are endless and you can recreate yours however you like, with different colours or even thinner/thicker ropes.

Stay tuned for the October issue of Female for another DIY! You wouldn't want to miss that one! HINT: Clear Vinyl

I'm sorry but the giveaway is now over and two lucky girls have already won these babies! Do try to make them yourself though. Good luck! ;)

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